Charles Fuller Baker

(22 Mar) 1872 - 1927 (22 Jul)

Charles Fuller Baker was an American botanist, mycologist, and entomologist. His career started even before earning his bachelor's degree, as an assistant entomologist at the Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station. After earning his master's degree at Stanford University, Baker took on various positions as explorer, collector, researcher, and educator at various places and institutions in Colombia, Alabama, and Missouri, before accepting a faculty position at Pomona College in 1903. He stayed ten years, with some time on leave to serve as Chief (1904-1907) at the Department of Botany, Estacion Agronomica, Santiago de las Vegas, Cuba, and as Curator (1907-1908) at the Herbarium and Botanical Garden, Museu Goeldi, Para, Brazil. In 1913 he joined the faculty of University of the Philippines College of Agriculture (today University of the Philippines, Los Banos), and became Dean in 1918. There he worked at creating a network of collectors throughout the country, amassing large natural history collections, until his untimely death in 1927. His collection of over 400,000 insect specimens was bequeathed to the U.S. National Museum, and his extensive Philippines plant collections to University of the Philippines. More than 100,000 plant collections had previously been donated to Pomona College.

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